Inspire yourself…

Cod and Wild Mint Soup

200 g Lugrade Cod Loins

4 Quail eggs

30 g Wild mint

1 Farlic clove

1 Carrot

1 Courgete

200 g Rice


Shred the uncooked cod. Place in a pot the fishbone and the cod skin. In the same pot add the chopped garlic and the sliced onion. Cook a cod broth. Add the wild mint and let it boil for two hours.

When it’s ready, strain the broth and discard the fishbone and the cod skin. Use this broth to cook the rice. Add the shredded cod and let it cook.

Bring the quail egg yolks to boil.

Cut the courgette peel and the carrot into very small cubes.

Serve this dish decorated with a bouquet of wild mint and with these small cubes of carrot and courgette.