Inspire yourself…

Cod Loin, Scarlet Prawn and Squid

800 g Lugrade cod loin

1 l olive oil

300 g scarlet prawn heads

4 onions

4 cloves garlic

200 g leek

200 g tomatoes

100 g celery

100 ml Brandy

200 g squids

10 g citronella

100 g of brioche bread

20 g yellow pepper

20 g green pepper

20 g red pepper


In a casserole, start by confiting the cod loins in olive oil.

Peel all the vegetables and cut them into pieces. Put the scarlet prawn heads and the vegetables in a pan. Sauté everything in the olive oil used to confit the cod.

Cool the sauté with the brandy and set fire to it with a lighter (this process is called flaming).

After reducing the alcohol fill with water and cook over low heat.

After two and a half hours mash the broth and strain. Reduce it to half the volume again.

Serve the cod loin with the reduced stock and at the time of serving sauté the squids quickly in a pan and add them to the cod.

Garnish with the peppers chopped in small brunoise (small cubes) and make a thin toast with the brioche bread.

Add the citronella.