Why Icelandic cod?

Characterized by two natural elements, ice and fire, Iceland is known as a country of extremes, considered by many the perfect place to contemplate the aurora borealis.


When speaking of Iceland, one speaks of the best cod in the world. It is in this country that a higher quality cod is born, which usually allows thicker and more succulent slices and with a unique flavour, due to the richer waters of the North Atlantic with hot and cold currents of the ocean, that converge to create conditions of excellence in the development of Plankton, creating the perfect habitat for cod.


For many centuries, Iceland’s fishermen gather treasures from these seas, know the sea like no other and know the best places for fishing. The quality base of our cod is defined by the wisdom of each one, who know the best fishing techniques, respecting the sustainability of the species and the taste of the consumers.


Quality certification systems, in particular the IRF (Iceland Responsible Fisheries), establish the crucial element for the quality and freshness of cod, where quality parameters are maintained from capture to shipment. The IRF is also presented as a system of absolute control of catches, designed to protect species whose size is smaller than allowed. This is a commitment of this country in order to maximize its main product and companies that use cod as their core business have shown great interest in it.