Why isn‘t cod all the same?

Within the so-called cod processing industry, Portugal is the country where the best cod is produced. It is also the country where most cod is consumed and the country that has more ways to prepare this fish. This is always differentiating for those who produce it. Cod is a Portuguese ambassador of excellence of unparalleled importance but it is currently very poorly used. We have the best industrialists in the world producing dry salted cod and the buyers’ preference for Portuguese product is notorious when the price is the same. The Portuguese consumer is increasingly becoming more demanding and when it is willing to pay more for a piece of cod, the criterion of selection is quality. It is here that Lugrade differentiates itself from others: it offers a product with an excellent value for money.


Nowadays, Portugal lives a scenario of economic crisis. These circumstances establish a preference order in consumers and the price always comes first. Companies with a prospect of selling, reduce prices to a less consensual level among the industrialists themselves. We have observed a great “war” of prices, where who sells cheaper is king. However, the price, in the case of cod, is influenced by the curing time, the drying level and the quality of the raw material. It is here that our “faithful friend” is frowned upon: one wons in price but loses in quality, harming the consumer.


“A superior quality cod, with proper curing, grows 30% after soaking, making it more profitable. Regarding this, Lugrade focuses its production on a quality product, with an adequate curing time that reaches 8 months, with its capture taking place in the best months of the year. “


At Lugrade we are passionate about the world of cod. In the name of tradition we are quality and excellence and we distinguish ourselves for our experience in this activity and the dedication of our collaborators in the whole production process.


“(…) we just don’t have a serial number on each fish, we know each one that is packed, they were targeted, one by one, by a strict quality control, relying on the knowledge acquired over this 26 years, where those who do not meet the needed specificities are rejected. “


At Lugrade we have full confidence in the product we offer to our clients, we stand out for our own culture, guided by a know-how that is transversal to the whole organization, contributing to a mutual and collective knowledge, sharing the same principles in the production of cod.